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The warm days are getting closer and closer and so we as men can finally put on shirts and light tops again. Now i would like to show you four mens casual shirts in 2019 with which you can give your summer or spring outfit that extra touch.

man wearing casual shirt in 2019
SOURCE: Instagram/Kosta_williams


In recent seasons, I have seen numerous possible combinations for checked shirts. In other words I have rarely seen a shirt that is so multifunctional and fits to so many different looks. One of the most popular looks is the combination with Chelsea Boots.

man with a beard wearing printed shirt and grey trousers
SOURCE: Instagram/rowanrow


Likewise you could write your own book about printed shirts. Meanwhile they have returned to the fashion world in all colours and shapes. Whether floral, Hawaiian or with flower patterns. In addition I would like to introduce you to a completely different kind. Geometric patterns. These shirts provide an incredibly special look. In conclusion it looks very well-groomed and elegant, but after that it also has a very relaxed note.

My tip:

In conclusion, combine the shirt with white sneakers and a slightly more elegant pair of trousers such as tailored denim. There you have it. A classic outfit with modern and catchy accents.

man with a beard and glasses wearing a white shirt
SOURCE: Instagram/Justusf_Hansen


In this paragraph, i want to talk about the absolute classic one among shirts.Firstly, there is not much to say about this variation. That is to say, it has always been an integral part of a good look for men.

My tip:

The shirt should be in the slim fit variant to guarantee the best possible fit. In addition, this look is simply tailor-made and modern.

Then you combine the shirt with light chinos to achieve the absolute casual summer look. In conclusion, Justus Hansen, as you can see on the picture, shows us how it works.

man with short hair wearing a striped shirt and grey tailored pants
SOURCE: Instagram/Louisdarcis


Finally a variant I see more and more often lately. For example, the striped shirt in combination with a tailored denim. I personally love this look and can only recommend it to you.

My tip:

Pay attention to the following points when choosing a striped shirt:

  • Slim Fit Variant
  • The thickness and spacing of the strips may vary.
  • More important is a simple strip model, i.e. no decorations between the individual stripes

Finally, these are some recommendations for good mens casual shirts in 2019. I will try to expand this series continuously. For questions, wishes or suggestions please contact me at

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