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3 Sweaters to inspire your basic outfit

Nowadays it is no longer so easy and natural to give an outfit character and depth. The qualities for the overall look would be a certain timelessness, can be worn in many ways (for any occasion) and it should also be somehow an eye-catcher. Today I would like to present you three sweaters, which you can combine to your outfit!

1. The Athletic Sweater

source: Instagram/champagnepapi

Many major sports brands have meanwhile mastered the combination of a sports- and classic look. The branding gives the sweater a athletic touch, but it's still easy to combine and doesn't give the impression that you're just got home from football training.

My tip:

When using sweaters from brands such as Nike or Adidas, look for a uniform colour and smaller logos. These are easier to combine and give basic outfits an extra touch. I have linked you a good example.

2. The Half-zip Sweater

source: Instagram/magic_fox

Which one of you remembers this part? Many of you may know it from Grandpa or Dad. But the Half-Zip has been making a big comeback for some time now. There are good reasons for that. Especially since it really fits in every outfit and to almost every occasion. It is also suitable as a replacement for a jacket during warmer days. The Half-Zip in the neck area is a welcome highlight, but it doesn't take away the simplicity of the sweater. It looks very casual and underlines a well groomed appearance. This sweater can be combined particularly well with jeans or suit trousers. In addition I would recommend a white Basic T-shirt, as it is also shown on the photos.

3. The classical Crewneck/Sweater

tobias Reuter wearing a Louis Vuitton key holder
source: Instagram/tobiasrtr

Those who like it classic and at the same time casual should not go without this model. This Crewneck fits especially well to Chelsea Boots (see photo) or other casual shoes.

My tip:

Look for crewnecks with light tones like beige or a light brown. The knitted version, as you can see on the photo, underlines the classy character of the sweater.

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