What is it exactly? How can it hinder or motivate us?

"You need a good mindset. Your mindset is everything. Mindset accounts for at least 75% of your success. Everything begins with this term." Who doesn't know these almost mechanical sentences. Whether from athletes, entrepreneurs or online coaches - the mindset is the beginning of everything, or of much. But what exactly is the mindset? Quite traditionally I entered this term once in Google and looked which definition is displayed to me first. Surprisingly, there was no surprise. Mindset functions as an umbrella term for the attitude or thinking of each individual.

women and sunset focus on her mindset
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Different views of the mindset

This is known to be different for each person. One tends towards a negative view of things, while others seek challenges. Mindset can stand in our way in certain things or motivate us and give us new impulses. But what does it all depend on? Many people encounter new situations or experiences with a certain scepticism or caution. This has a lot to do with their own safety and comfort zone. People are unwilling to leave their safe environment. This feeling is reinforced by the opinion of society. If an adventure is classified as risky or unsafe, this message spreads like wildfire. The mindset is conditioned from the beginning to rather deny the matter.

We should note, that each person should make their own experiences. That, for example, jumping off a bridge is a dangerous and deadly undertaking , of course, is out of the question. Nevertheless, many people do not dare experiences or unknown situations.

A Solution

Our mindset should not be dominated by the opinions or experiences of others. We should condition it much more for a chance than for a failure. There are, of course, some simple approaches to this: 

  • Say YES more often! Far too often we deny possibilities or chances. With a simple yes we are often already in a process. Try it out!
  • Replace "That doesn't work" with "That will work". Our brain loves repetitions, and if we tell it more often that something works, it will also start to believe it.
  • Count every success, no matter how small, and recognize it as a victory across the board. Often we forget what we have achieved so far. This includes every achievement, no matter how small! Become aware of it often to strengthen yourself and your spirit.

I will extend this series even further and go into more points in detail. This article will serve as a kind of introduction to the mindset.