It is No Mistake If You Don't Take Every Chance

Photo by Roman Kraft on Unsplash

Meanwhile, we have matured into a company of risk-takers and yes-men. The “Just do it” movement has not only existed since Nike and Shia Labeouf. And yes, I support an open and active lifestyle.

Risks should be taken.

However, you can reject things or not seize opportunities. Yes, that is also a decision. And none that someone has to hide for.

Your feelings are more important than fact and figures 

A decent salary is good. A place where you feel good is better. It does not help to accept anything that triggers permanently bad feelings. Of course, we should all move out of our comfort zone. Sure we do something stupid.

But it’s different to do something that puts us in a permanent negative mood.

Your feeling is always a reliable compass.

A number on your bank account might give you a little endorphin output at sight. But just as the number on your account changes, so too is your feeling an ever-changing state.

Self Reflection instead of a "lame excuse" 

What the Just-do-it-movement likes to forget is the circumstances of each individual. And this is not about lazy excuses. It’s about empathy, experiences, and attitudes. They make every single person what he or she is or not.

That means. If you do not want to take a chance, you are not a no-man or find yourself 24/7 only in your comfort zone.

It simply means that you dont feel like it. And that is okay.


And that insight is more important than a possible “Just-do-it” attitude.

Through your emotional self-reflection, you face yourself. You listen to yourself and then decide whether you want that or not. On this basis, you make adequate decisions for yourself.

Unfortunately for many people, feelings are still no reason to do something, or (who would have expected it differently) not to do something.

Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger

Our world today is characterized by rapid changes. And so we think about ourselves. We change rapidly. One career step follows the next. 

So we are almost being urged to seize opportunities that arise. After all, we want to keep pace with global change.

What we forget is to look at ourselves and our abilities.

  • Where i am at the moment?
  • How much have i learned and applied?
  • Do i feel ready for this opportunity?

An excerpt of some self-critical questions that can probably temporarily take the wind out of the sails of some possibilities.

Nevertheless, a real look at one’s own abilities also helps here. That may not exclude specific skills. It instead means that you still want to work on yourself and your possibilities.


Just because you say no or don’t touch something doesn’t mean you have to doubt yourself. You react much more thoughtfully. You act according to your feelings and your own assessment.

This includes a reflection on you and your abilities.

You don’t have to say yes to everything. Our society and our motivators, our role models, should illuminate both sides of the coin. It’s okay how you make decisions. You make them for yourself and not for the rapid changes that keep our whole environment awake at night.

The key-essence is probably that. No matter if you take a chance or take a step back. In both cases, you are richer due to a valuable experience. It will not only make you more complete but also your future actions.

And isn’t it sometimes even more valuable to just say:

"No, not at the moment, thank you"